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Volker Barth Winery is located in the legally recognized wine producing region of Rheinhessen, Germany. The mainstream wine varieties in Germany include Riesling、Spätburgunder、Rivaner / Müller-Thurgau、Dornfelder、Silvaner、Gewürztraminer、Weißburgunder、Grauburgunder、Bacchus、Elbling、Kerner、Gutedel、Portugieser、Lemberger、Chardonnay、 Gewürztraminer、Sauvignon Blanc、Scheurebe, Volker Barth Winery all have planting; Volker Barth Winery winemakers are skilled in brewing various types of white wine, red wine, ice wine, sparkling wine, liqueur, and hot wine.
Noble from outstanding classic from quality
● Official Partner of FIFA Wold Cup in Germany
● Wiesbaden, Herford Official Partner of International Horse riding Tournament
● Neustadt/Dosse Official Partner of International Equestrian Championships
● Won the Germany Rheinland Pfalz Price for many times
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Experienced craftsmanship Strong Fragrance
Based on the traditional of the Volker Barth Family. Volker Barth Wine is with years of age, strong oxygen resistance, complex fragrance and full taste.
The German craftsman spirit
The rigor of the Germans is always committed to the perfection of every product. Serious Germans are also the world's best at winemaking. Volker Bass wine, made in Germany, canned in Germany, imported in Germany!
At the side of Rhine River in Germany
Perfect environment. To make each drop best taste Volker Barth Chateau locates in the biggest wine district--Rhine Hesse. It is right on the biggest corner of the Rhine River. As the mountains on the North and West stop...

Brand inheritance

Inheritance Master Proud

Volker Barth Wine is inherited by direct family line of Volker Family. Volker Barth, the Grape Master, makes the wine according to the old way as the Family told in person. It has been going through for 300 hundred years and just want to make sure each drop of the wine is pure and perfect taste.

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